The ocean, a vast ever-shifting watery traverse holds much of the mysteries of life and the earth in its oceanic abyss. It is said that the earliest life form evolved in the depths of ocean. Its profound immensity provide much fodder for enquiry and contemplation. As we ponder into its vastness and depth, it looks back at us, reflecting our internal discourse.



Tan Wei

Indéfiniment  is a meditation on the primordial ocean that has been the very holding site of all life forms. ‘Indéfiniment’ utilises the affinity that we share with the ocean to capture the liminality between arrival and departure whose lines are often blurred. For even though the water has once sustained and nurtured us, we could no longer live in full compatibility with it in its unmediated statea contradiction that drew the artist towards the site of the ocean.

Imbued with personal narratives that is a meditation of the artist’s immediate world, the otherworldly dimensions recreated by the artist here details her struggle as she attempts to reconcile with the role and identity that she has to play in this world that she inhabits through the absolute magnitude of the ocean.