X-RAY, references -

light and photography,

looking within oneself,

alternative, experimental and exploratory qualities of the process of creative thought and creation. 

With these qualities in mind, experimental conceptual ideas and drafts, works in progress are encouraged, gathered, and shown alongside finished works. For some, the showcase layout is an alternative “play-space” to display their work.


X-RAY.photography  is an artist-initiated website featuring photo artists, artists, photographers, curators, and writers. This website showcases lens-based work, collects both photos and videos of finished and in-progress work, thought sketches, and essays, and writings of curators and writers.




X-RAY.photography started in 2021, with one showcase and a few articles.  At this time, the website is sparse, but, hopefully over time, there will be more showcases and articles. So, do check back in!

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