A Look At ...


by Vivian Lee


The space and time between moving and being still bring me balance.
In my work, I explore the tension between still and moving images.

FLUX was born out of my time in New York City, where the incessant pulse of life flows endlessly. Capturing the colours and lines of movement, the perceived clear boundaries of various entities blur as the shutter opens and pauses, stretching the moment of exposure. As the camera clicks, the waves become particles. In these images, the shutter stays on a little longer, revealing the flux of life that is always moving, always changing.





Vivian Lee is a social artist, inner gardener, and intentional facilitator. An MFA graduate from the School of Visual Arts (NYC), she works at the intersection of food growing, art, well-being, ecology, and spirituality. She initiated the Garden of L.E.A.H., a conscious living practice space in Chiang Mai, and co-founded Conscious Connections as a creative platform for community-engaged art and well-being programs.