A Look At ...


by Wah


This photo essay documents my 14 day COVID quarantine at the Furama City Center Hotel. It was my goal to make at least one social media post everyday of the quarantine as a way to force myself to express creatively my emotional experience as I went through it. It was also a way to stay connected to the outside world. This exercise really helped me sort through what i was feeling day to day, eventually leading me to understand psychologically what I was going through and subsequently showing me a way  forward. Difficult as it was to go through, the underlying idea that this quarantine was saving lives really helped in keeping things in perspective.


01 Gate
02 Window
03 Corridor
04 View
05 View
06 View
07 Jetlag
08 Interior
09 Hungry
10 Doubt
11 Adrift
12 The Moon
13 Focus
14 Exterior
15 Surveillance
16 Skateboarders
17 The Moon and I
18 My Companion
19 Moonset
20 Complete




Wah is a retired photographer based in NYC who can still take a damn good photograph. His main love is for portraiture but he also likes cats, flowers and cooking.