Routine, the repetitive tasks or actions as procedure in regular intervals we set for ourselves to move forward in our daily lives. We never really consider what routine really means to each person, and how different routine can be for each and every one of us.

“Routine” the word, in itself a blanket word erases diverging variations, encompasses different things to each and every individual. Routine As Repetoire examines this particular concern, and highlights the “invisible” extensive and exacting daily self-care efforts of extraordinary individuals, particularly those of women and non-binary folks. 


Routine As Repetoire

Sit Weng San

Routines as Repertoire is an online and physical installation (post-covid) that uses photography and videos to explore routines that women and non-binary folks incorporate into our lives as our bodies go through transformations or challenges. In this project, individuals share their diverse routines; from taking medication, to the cleaning of wheelchairs, meditation, exercises, rest, community building, and so on. Through the sharing of routines, perhaps experiences such as illnesses, disabilities, aging, motherhood, and gender transitioning can be viewed beyond the tragic or heroic polarities, and the experiences may exist and be represented in all their complexities. 


Find out more about Weng San's self-portrait for Routines as Repetoire here.