Since the beginning of 2020, much has changed for everyone. With the flood of malignant COVID-19 virus sweeping across every continent, we find ourselves in different states of stasis, more time on our hands with job losses, and without the usual hustle and bustle of varied distractions, or less time on our hands frazzled by mountains of new work-from-home protocols and online meetings.

In whichever ways the COVID-19 global pandemic has affected all of us, we find ourselves reflecting on our current state of affairs and on our current state of being.

This showcase considers the nuances of the Everyday, emphasizing the experience of nonconsequential occurrences drawing us into the vast internal landscapes of reflection and contemplation.



Jeannie Ho

The space between places, the place between spaces, the liminal and peripheral spaces amidst the infinite transitions of monotonous structured thoughts.

In these interims, there is no sense of time or place.

Mostly, we are unaware and unknowing of these in-between vacuous pauses after the end of one “event” and before the start of another.  What resides in these pauses, is so fleeting, it is almost indiscernible, disappearing as soon as we begin to grasp it. In these instants, sometimes clarity finds its place within our consciousness, a brief sudden clear awareness emerges, a feeling, a knowing that nothing stays the same and all is nothing. 

The images, soundscapes, and moving stills are landscapes of unthinking and disremembering, they are developed from the journey through our everyday lives, pausing, and collecting both micro-blinks of unthoughts, and instants of unexpected episodes of contemplation and reflection.


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