Showcase #3

TanWei 400x600px Indefiniment 04 copy


This upcoming series of work is a meditation on the primordial ocean, it is imbued with personal narratives that is a meditation of the artist’s immediate world.


TN640x400pxQ9 SanRemovingPoster

Behind the Scenes with Weng San

My housemate would comment, ‘ I don’t know how you lived with this for so long’.

A Look At ...

TN500pxQ9 AndrewLee 18MyCompanion copy


The day to day in isolation.

Bright Lights, Big City

BenZiggyLee TNSQ 500x500Q9 DSF1958 Fog

Night Prowler

Late night cravings …

Work In Progress

TanWei 400x600px Equatorialgrey 02 copy

Equatorial grey

... as the protagonist awakes in her metaphysical world as a butterfly, a life form with limited time left on earth.

Work In Progress

TN600pxQ9 NgHuiHsien WorkinProgress 01


Wandering between the inner world and the external world.


JeannieHo TN600x400Q8 X5985R

Artist Interview: On Landscapes, Soundscapes and Mindscapes

An interview with Jeannie Ho.


JeannieHo TN600x400Q9 Image X8997R

Sojourns in the realm of the unreal

...decidedly un-natural representations of natural topographies, hybrid objects embedded in layers of subterfuge, caught in the the constantly shifting lines between authenticity and artifice...


rostyslav savchyn tikJU JenOc unsplash SM

Punch-holes of Existence

Our automatic bodies move in a constant daze of preoccupied efficiency, minds humming with endless anxieties and possibilities. Life is a conveyor belt of forward-looking timestamps to be barely experienced. Stepping stones to more stepping stones.


JeannieHo TN600x400pxQ8 2014 AusBarossa

A Glimpse of the Landscape

The photograph reveals and conceals, making the invisible visible. It stops time yet steals that moment from history, bringing forth a presence that speaks of an actual absence. It is seemingly permanent but is a trace of impermanence. It bears the façade of realism yet indicates idealism.

Showcase #2

SitWengSan600x400pxQ9 TN RT San061a

Routine As Repertoire

Through the sharing of routines, perhaps experiences such as illnesses, disabilities, aging, motherhood, and gender transitioning can be viewed beyond the tragic or heroic polarities, and the experiences may exist and be represented in all their complexities.

A Look At ...

VivianLee CrpTN Impressions 03 SM


... the incessant pulse of life flows endlessly.

Bright Lights, Big City

BenZiggyLee TNSQ 500x500Q9 DSF1819 train


... tracking across New York as I head for work.


LisaShin TN600x400Q10 21TST1540 INTHEPAST 13137 TEETH

First Child

There are so many first times in a childʼs life and time works ever so swiftly to keep them from a parentʼs grasp.

Creation Process

AdarNg 04

In Pursuit of Intangible Personification

New environments and new encounters were in the background of the making of this work. The contrast between the environment and my internal thoughts was quite vast, and this chasm of difference meant I was more sensitive to the personalities of the people I met. This resulted in a synesthesia-esque sort of interpretation of their personalities, where I felt personalities could have colours themselves...

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